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The Fire Officers' Association

Will Ensure... You are directly consulted on matters that affect you.
Wants... To see real openness and accountability in fire and rescue service affairs.
Promotes... Equality and diversity in all areas of the FRS.
Is Concerned... About pressures and stressors placed upon managers staff and other staff.
Recognises The role of managers in delivering service objectives and will fight for this to be reflected by appropriate rewards.
Has an Agenda... Focused solely on fire and rescue service matters.
Is Not... All members receive equal representation.
Believes Its members are able to interpret raw information and form opinions.

In our Association members' come first, and we believe their interests are best served through constructive consultation and negotiation.
The success and direction of an organisation must originate from its members. That is why we will consult you to ensure we reflect and represent your views. If confrontation is at the forefront of an agenda, real progress and benefits will not materialise. To provide the best representation for its members an organisation must provide help, assistance and guidance for them, whatever their problem or difficulty.
We do not select the issues we will represent you on: you do.
Membership is open to all UK FRS Workers.
We believe that the interests of our members are best served through the process of consultation and negotiation. In this way we can play a constructive role in the changes that are inevitably taking place within the service.
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The Fire Officer's Association Management Team

Management of the Association is vested in a group of experienced and dedicated people comprising the Executive Board who, with the exception of the Chief Executive and other full time officials, are all serving managers in Local Authority Fire & Rescue Services. Their managerial experience within the service enables them to understand fully the wide range of issues facing the modern fire & rescue service.

Glyn Morgan - Chief Executive
Picture of Glyn Morgan

Glyn Morgan has been the Chief Executive of the Fire Officers' Association (FOA) since retiring from the fire and rescue service in 2008.

His involvement with the fire and rescue began in 1978 when he joined Nottinghamshire Fire Service as a firefighter. He remained in Nottinghamshire for 5 years before moving to Strathclyde Fire Brigade in 1983.

Glyn served in various operational roles as spending time on secondment preparing for local Scottish government reorganisation. From 1998 he worked full-time as a specialist officer dealing with Best Value, performance, planning, consultation and Integrated Risk Management Planning, gaining wide experience and knowledge of quality, modernisation and service improvement matters.

Glyn has been actively involved with the FOA since its formation in 1994, initially serving as Health and Safety Representative as Branch Secretary in Strathclyde before progressing to the role of Executive Board member for Scotland. He subsequently moved on to become Vice-President and President before being appointed to the position of Chief Executive.

Glyn believes that, to function effectively, any organisation must engage with staff and their representative bodies and that this is particularly important during times of change or financial constraint. In his present role, he promotes an approach where stakeholders work together, in an atmosphere of openness and honesty, to find sustainable solutions that balance staff interests against the need to maintain an effective fire and rescue service. 

He sees the FOA as a modern trade union that recognises management's right to manage and the need for compromise. However, this requires service leaders to recognise that the workforce has a legitimate quality assurance role to play within the decision-making process and this can only be delivered if plans and supporting evidence are made open to scrutiny and challenge.


President: Tony Lawson

Photgraph Tony Lawson

Tony joined West Midlands Fire Service in 1981 and on promotion in 1989 transferred to Mid Glamorgan Fire Service; subsequently moving to South Wales Fire and Rescue Service on amalgamation in 1996. Apart from 12 months his entire service has had an operational element, for the last 18 years he has worked in fire safety on the flexible duty system. In his current role he predominantly deals with the investigation of breaches of fire safety law and the subsequent preparation of prosecution cases.

He joined NAFO in 1990 and was Branch Secretary until 1996. He was elected as the South Wales FOA Branch Secretary in 1999 and Wales Regional Representative in 2001. Tony holds several qualifications in law awarded by the Institute of Legal executives, and has represented several members at disciplinary hearings and appeals, both under the Discipline Regulations and the current ACAS guidelines.

Tony is a Fellow of the Institution of Fire Engineers and a member of its international General Assembly; he is also the senior examiner responsible for the operations examinations. He is a member of the Institution's accreditation panel, and in that role, has approved several training centres and courses.



Ade Robinson - Vice President


Photograph awaited

Ade joined South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue in 1985. Ade has worked operationally for 18-years and has specialised in Training/HR/Perfomance and Quality Assurance.Ade currently works at Group Manager level in South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

Ade has been a member of the Association for 11 years. He became Branch Chair in 2003 and Branch Secretary in 2007. Ade has acted as regional representative since 2004 and became a member of the executive board in 2008.

National Officers

Craig Thomson

Craig served in East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service as an Area Manager beforeretiring from the service in November 2008. His role within the Association focuses on communication with members and branches. He also has holds responsdibilities in connection with the Association's contribution to operational and heath and safety matters.



Michael Davidson

Photograph of Michael Davidson

Michael joined Strathclyde Fire Brigade in April 1977 serving in most stations in Glasgow ‘B’ Division as an operational officer, in various ranks.

He was promoted to Station Officer in 1987, and served as a Fire Prevention Officer for seven years before returning to Operational Duties. He was promoted to ADO in 2004, and seconded to the New Dimensions Project via the SHMI.

Prior to his retirement after 30 years service he has held several posts for both NAFO and FOA. Michael is currently engaged by the Association to assist with issues in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Peter Kelman

Photograph Peter Kelman

Peter retired from Strathclyde Fire Brigade June 2003 in the rank of SDO after 34 years service. Prior to his retirement he served in Central Area Fire Brigade until regionalisation in 1975 when the brigade was amalgamated into Strathclyde Fire Service. Following Amalgamation Peter continued as an operational officer until he transferred in the role of Divisional Officer responsible for Discipline. During his service Peter served on the following project secondment's:

. Health and Safety ( European Directives), and
. Vehicle Mounted Data System

Peter's duties prior to his retirement included Divisional Officer Fire Investigation, and Senior Divisional Officer Community Safety In relation to his trade Union work Peter has held the following positions:  Brigade Secretary (FBU) 1973 -1974 NAFO Brigade Chair and District Secretary 1977 -1980 NAFO Scottish NEC Member 1980 - 1988 (from where he moved to the back benches as elder statesman and general factotum!!!) From 1987 Peter has served on Employment Tribunals as lay member. He has worked for the Association since 2004 dealing mainly with employment and discipline issues.

Alan Tranter

Served with West Midlands FRS until July 2011. Alan, a former Vice President of the Association, now provides support and assistance for members in the MIdlands area.

John Salt
Served with Cheshire FRS and sat on the Association's Executive Board for several years until retiring from the service in April 2011. He now provides support and assistance for members in north-west England.

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