Membership of the Association is open to all United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Service employees






  • Non-judgemental individual representation
  • Collective representation for Middle Managers both locally and nationally
  • Individual local representation for all staff roles 
  • Ability to directly participate in local and national affairs
  • Members' funds are not used for political purposes
  • High quality legal assistance
  • Attractive high value insurance package including travel insurance and vehicle breakdown cover

Forthcoming FRS-related Events


AFSA National Conference and Awards Dinner, Cheshire: 26/27 November 2015

Details of this event at the Park Royal Hotel, Stretton Road, Warrington can be found in the CONFERENCE FLYER. The theme of the conference is "Going Beyond Just Compliance and Numbers and Making Differences Matter - a Paradigm for Managing Diversity". Follow this link for a BOOKING FORM.



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